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What does evidence of funds mean?2018-07-25T09:49:05+00:00

In order to gain a student visa to study in Australia you need to prove that you have sufficient funds. This is calculated by adding together the cost of tuition fees, your first year’s living expenses and the cost of a return airfare.

It’s usually your immediate family who provide this proof, however, it can be anyone close to you. All you need to do is provide information on your relationship with them.

You can also provide evidence from your parents where or if they earn more than $Aud 60,000 in income in the previous financial year.

What is the process of getting a sponsorship or a permanent residency?2018-07-25T09:50:17+00:00

In order to get advice on sponsorship or permanent residency, you need to speak directly with a migration agent. We can put you in touch with a migration agent that speaks your language and understands your individual discipline.

We can assist you with information related to a student, visitor or working holiday visa.

Do I have to pay Harbour Study any money for helping me?2018-07-25T09:53:56+00:00

No -The  Harbour Study service is 100% free. We provide a free service helping students study at Government Accredited courses in Australia.

If I have my partner on my visa, are they able to work?2018-07-24T11:03:00+00:00

If you are studying a masters degree or higher, your spouse can work unlimited hours. However, if you are studying a bachelor degree or lower, there are restrictions in place. They change constantly so its best to check in with our consultants, but as a general rule of thumb, your spouse will be able to work for 40 hours each fortnight or an average of 20 hours per week.


Is it possible to study if i’m not on a student visa?2018-07-25T09:58:30+00:00

Yes it is. Although this is not the most common option, it is possible and a great idea if you want to improve your English when on a working holiday visa. You can study for up to four months on a working holiday visa and three months on a visitor visa. The rules change quite often so its best to get in touch with our consultants and find out.

What if i stop studying and return early? Will my OSHC be refunded?2018-07-25T09:59:19+00:00

Yes. Although you pay for your OHSC up front, if you leave early, it is possible to obtain a refund for your OSHC. This will usually be the amount remaining on your OSHC minus a small administration fee.

What is Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)2018-07-25T10:03:09+00:00

There are some compulsory requirements for a Student Visa. One of those compulsory requirements is to get OSHC. This is Health Cover specifically for overseas students. The regulation is very clear – you must be covered for the entire time whilst studying in Australia. OSHC must be paid in full and in advance before you apply for your student visa. This is an important requirement and also one which helps to protect you. That is because if you have any health difficulties in Australia which can become very expensive, they may be covered by your OSHC provider.

How long does the enrolment and visa process take?2018-07-24T10:37:29+00:00

It generally takes a week for you to gather the necessary documentation and an additional week to enrol in the course. Every institution has different processes and some Universities can take 2 or 3 weeks to process your enrolment. Once a Certificate of Enrolment is issued it can take an additional week or two for the government to approve the student Visa.

Do I have to pay all the fees up front?2018-07-24T10:30:29+00:00

No. You are able to pay in instalments and generally only need to pay a deposit. Most institutions require you to pay the first three or six months up front. Our consultants will give you a full quote when you enquire outlining all of the fees and when you need to pay.

Do I need to have a qualification to Study in Australia?2018-07-24T10:22:36+00:00

It depends on the course you wish to undertake. For example, if you are coming to Australia to study English and you just completed school in your home country, then you will only require your school certificate. However, if you would like to enrol in a Masters Course, it will most likely be a requirement that you have completed an undergraduate degree in a similar discipline. Each individual university and college has its own requirements and our personnel will guide you through the process to ensure you have the correct qualifications for the required course.

Am I able to change courses?2018-07-24T10:17:41+00:00

You are able to change courses if you don’t like the course or prefer to complete another course. There are, however, restrictions around it and there is some administration work to do when changing courses. Our consultants can guide you through this process and you generally need to be in the same course for six months in order to change courses. We always recommend for you to enrol in a course in an area which you are interested in.

Can I work while I study in Australia?2018-07-24T10:12:18+00:00

Yes you can. With most visas you are permitted to work a maximum of 20 hours per week. You are also able to work unlimited hours during the school break. This is great because while you are on holidays you are able to work and make money. Most students work during the school term also to improve their English and gain additional work exposure. Speak to our consultants to find out which Visa works for you and exactly what the allowable work times are.

Do you need to pass an English test for an Australian Visa?2018-07-24T10:07:58+00:00

For most visas to Australia there is a requirement that you pass an English language test. There are a number of different tests including:

  • Test of English as a Foreign Langauge (TOEFL)
  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  • Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE)

Contact our qualified education consultants to find out what English score you require to come to Australia.

Why should I choose to Study in Australia?2018-07-24T10:03:46+00:00

Australia is a very popular country to Study in. In fact, over 600,00 students per year choose to study in Australia. Some of the main reasons they choose to study in Australia include:

  • The courses and colleges/universities are recognised globally. That means a globally recognised education that will stay with you for life.
  • We have fantastic weather and a very strong economy.
  • Australia is a very safe country. The crime rate is very low and corruption is minimal.
  • There is lots to see and do. From beaches to farms and the Australian coast, there are lots of great activities and excellent destinations to study.
Will Harbour Study help me open a bank account?2018-07-25T10:11:43+00:00

Of course. Our offices are close to three major banks. When you come to Australia, we will take you on a tour and help you open your bank account. It’s quick, easy and very cost effective. Having a local bank account is great for making local purchases and living locally. In addition, it lets you save on fees from banking overseas.


Will Harbour Study help us to find a job when we get to Australia?2018-07-25T10:15:28+00:00

Yes of course. Our expert education consultants work closely with lots of organisations to help you find work. We know managers of pubs, clubs, companies and other areas who are always looking to hire people. We will even help you with your CV for free.

Can I study and work at the same time?2018-07-22T09:30:55+00:00

Yes you can. That is the beauty of being on a student visa. Thre are some restrictions around how many hours you can work, however, you can work and study and our education agents will help you with getting a course that fits around work times. It’s what Harbour Study does… help you to make everything fit in together in your Australian adventure.

Is Australia an expensive country?2018-07-22T09:51:58+00:00

No. Although Australia is not a very cheap country, it’s not a very expensive country. It all depends on different factors. Australia has a strong economy and great minimum wages. That means even if accommodation costs a bit, you will have the money to pay for it.

Are there a lot of places to live in the Sydney City and Bondi Beach?2018-07-25T10:24:23+00:00

Yes. We can easily help you find accommodation in the City or near Bondi Beach in Sydney. The great part is that these are close to many of the schools. Our consultants will help you find accommodation that is neat, tidy and close to schools plus all the best sites.